“Kim's various home goods and art wares are what you might consider Contemporary Pittsburgh Folk Art. Hand drawn illustrations, reclaimed materials, and a softly reflective sensibility come together to create warm, inviting creations, pieces that look and feel like home and will help amplify the warmth of any space where they land.”

-Artist & Craftsman, 2019

photo by Matt Dayak

photo by Matt Dayak

I love dirty hands.

For the past ten years, my work has focused on organic themes such as birds, bees, farm machinery and the simple trappings of home and one's place. I pay tribute to life’s simple offerings of beauty that exist all around us in such abundance that they can easily be overlooked.

I am as drawn to the laborious aspect of creativity as I am to its unpredictable outcomes. I gain almost as much from the process of cutting apart tins and sourcing the wood as I do from the assemblage of the art itself. My inspiration is formed by my surroundings, by my life in a city in that exists in the midst of both decay and rebirth, set against the dramatic beauty and constant change of the Pennsylvania landscape.


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