Keeping Secrets

I have been printing journal covers for the last few days. I'm pretty sure my favorite part of printing comes at the end of a run when I've successfully printed my stack of paper and filled my drying rack and I start looking around for anything else I can throw on the table and pull a print on. I have printed the walls and posts in our basement. I have printed cereal boxes, shirts, aprons, cardboard boxes, envelopes, shopping bags - anything that'll take the ink. A couple of weeks ago I printed the tractor on a wooden "box" frame. I liked it so much that I've decided to keep a stack of boxes handy. I started printing bits of the screens I've been using for my journal covers and out came this test print box!DSC_0004I love the test print randomness.I'm throwing a few coats of varnish on this and giving it to my best big brother for his birthday in a few days. He flies in tomorrow so don't say a word. Swear to it.DSC_0006