Christmas Bird Count 2012

Yesterday I took part in the Annual Christmas Bird Count. After Friday's horrible events I especially needed and wanted a respite from my thoughts. Roaming the woods and solely focusing on one thing - flitting birds - was just what I needed. I joined Jim and Pam and tromped through four parks in our little town and this is what we saw, in no particular order:Carolina ChickadeeTufted TitmouseCardinalRobinCrowWhite-breasted nuthatchSong SparrowWhite-throated sparrowNorthern MockingbirdRuby-crowned KingletGreat Horned Owl (heard)Carolina WrenHouse FinchGoldfinchCooper's HawkMourning DoveRed-tailed hawkDowny woodpeckerHairy woodpeckerYellow-bellied sapsuckerBlue jayRed-bellied woodpeckerParks roamed: Bird Park, Twin Hills, Robb Hollow, Connor Conservation Area