Birds + Bees

I mentioned that some super awesome woman bought a bunch of my pieces from etsy. Well, she practically cleaned me out. I started a couple of pieces and hoped to have them up last week but, as you well know by now, I am an ace procrastinator so I now have only one done. The other is languishing on my table, waiting to be painted. The right color hasn't hit me and I actually have some ideas for pattern so...we'll see. I'm totally out of sorts right now because for a long time we've been in limbo about where to live. We live in an amazing, huge, old victorian row house in the city right now but it's...complicated. There are countless great things about living here but a couple of really bad things about living here. And with the sweetest kid on earth in our lives, the bad things loom large. So...we fell in love with a house today and we're spinning out of control about what steps to take next. Hence the out-of-sortsness. I'm very sensitive about "Place" and "Home" so this is a big issue for me and for S, as well. Sorry for the ramble. I'll shush myself and post the new piece - a pretty bird for May. Goodnight, all.dsc_0133