Before + After: Back of House

It is a slow process, this current renovation. If I'm being honest with myself I will admit that we'll never actually be "done" and that's fine. What would we do with ourselves if we finished? Start over somewhere else, I guess. And I'm not remotely interested in moving again so I plan to draw out this renovation for our eternity. Today happens to be a gorgeous one so I thought it was high time to show a before + after of what we've done to the back of the manse.Way back in the olden days:ImageStep one was to remove the crazy arborvitae that was glomming onto the house.ImageStep two: blow a big hole in the back of the house.ImageStep Three: Have Bradley and Bradley Jr from Decks Decks Decks come out and work their magic.ImageStep Four: make a margarita and then another and then another.And just like that (2.5 years later) we have a great space to live in and hang out and watch the hens doing their thing in the yard below.ImageHappy Spring!