Busy as a bird

This is it. Worker Bird. I've named it (and that's the hardest part for me); now it's time to get to work.A little housekeeping: I will debut Worker Bird at Handmade Arcade this December 8, 2012 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Until then I will be busy making things, designing the booth, doing some illustrations, sanding, painting, printing, jig-sawing, oh, and getting L2 Design Collective ready for HA:2012 as well!I will post new Worker Bird work here as it's done. In the meantime, wander over to Sweet Six to read a little about who I am and where I'm at in life. My friend, Jenny, interviewed me and it's live today.  And while you're at it, place an order for some hand-crafted candy!!

Love letter to Pittsburgh

I have started my second love letter to Pittsburgh. (The first love letter was a project for Wendell August Forge and I'll certainly shout from the rooftops when it's complete.)It is no secret that I am in love with this place. I love most everything about it and I think it's absolutely gorgeous and, more importantly, filled with some of the nicest people I've ever met.So I've had this idea flitting around in my head ever since I was lucky enough to have an exhibit at Wildcard (awesome shop if you haven't been there - and if you have, you know of what I speak!) and since I'm an ace procrastinator it's taken me this long to get on it. But I did get on it. Today. And I think I'll even have a few pieces done in time for Handmade Arcade this weekend. Stop by the L2 Design Collective table and say hello, will you?     

Handmade Arcade 2009!!!

This is it - tomorrow is the big day. It's time for another Handmade Arcade and I can't wait. Hours and hours of meeting new people and being surrounded by so much handmade awesome. I'll be at the L2 Design Collective booth showcasing our holiday cards and banners, totes and gift tags and whatever else we happen to make today (this morning I've just put the last coat of varnish on these little test print boxes, for instance).Stop on by (and I wouldn't be too too upset if you brought a cup of hot chocolate with you) and say hey.And here's one more little idea - this Christmas when you're thinking of how to spend your money, think handmade.

String 'Em Up!

I love these things. I can't help it. I love the idea and the letters and the design and the craftiness of it all. We strung one together for our first Open House last week and I'm definitely going to string one up in the boy's room sometime soon. You can get your very own here (fully customizable).DSC_0037DSC_0014Full disclosure: I work for L2. I love these guys  - always have, always will. No one is more willing to indulge my whims and give support to my ideas. This is a super busy time of year for us - thankfully. The Stationery Show in NYC was a success and now we have tons of orders to fill. Get printing, little print gnomes, people want their goodies.