Still here - I promise.

Oh, little orphan blog. I haven't forgotten but I have been wrapped up in living. Whistle and I took a week-long trip to New York and upon our return I jumped into preparing for the National Stationery Show next month. And Spring is springing so I'm constantly outside checking out the progress of the perennials.The sort-of-secret project I was working on is coming to fruition and I hope to have some new photos and info about that soon.I also swear that we have been making progress on the house. I just have been terribly remiss at posting pictures. Well, actually I've been remiss at cleaning enough to take pictures. No sooner than we get a room "done" we fill it with our messy life.So - thanks for your patience and I swear to get busy on this soon. In the meantime, some NYC photos.Whistle took this one.(and this one)

Home Improvement - Back in the Saddle

It's been a wild summer around here. As you know, I work for this fine group and we exhibited at the National Stationery Show this past May. All went well and we came home with a suitcase full of orders for our cards and such so I've been packing and shipping like a mad woman since then. As such, we took a little break from house projects. I am feeling the itch though so I'm dipping my toe into the water this month.We painted the bannister this weekend (don't yell at me for painting over wood - it's been painted a bunch before and the wood isn't in terrific shape and we don't have it in us to strip the newel posts and spindles and such!) and that feels major.Not sure if you remember the upstairs kitchen? Here it is:I considered it the cutest room in the house when we bought it. Our plan is to turn it into Whistle's Big Boy Room so I started by tearing out the cabinets and sink because no four year old needs a stainless sink in his room. My husband hates demo. I love it. This wasn't truly demo since we put the whole thing on craigslist and soon had a bidding war on our hands. So we gingerly removed the units from the crooked wall and some nice guy hauled them away AND gave us cash. What a wonderful world.Look what caused such a ruckus on Craigslist:I'm not sure what's next. We've put a few things on hold until next year (rebuilding the retaining wall, building some raised beds for gardens, etc) but this year's list still looms large.I have Fall Fever like crazy and I thin I'm sort of "feathering the nest" for Winter. Our first delivery of firewood happens this Thursday. It's really happening...

I thought Spring had sprung but Winter snuck back in

 Sketch for Beatrice's Birthmark seriesTwo days ago we had our first picnic up on the Overlook and today woke to snow on the ground and more coming down. I keep  laughing because it seems odd and dream-like. This is a "sketch" (in collage) for one of the main images in the Beatrice's Birthmark series. The final illustrations had to be trimmed down to three colors in order to be able to screenprint them  - by hand. But I still love the sketches as much as the finals. Happy snow day, everyone!Oh, here is the final illustration on a greeting card. They sell these over at L2 Design Collective, by the way. Girl in Snow - greeting card